Exploring Angkor, Day Three

The three front towers at Preah Ko

For our final day at Angkor Wat Archeological Park, we decided to visit the temples in the Roluos group, three Hindu temples which lie 15 kilometers east of Siem Reap.  These temples are interesting because they pre-date all of the other temples at Angkor by a century.

Our first stop was to Lolei which was the last of the three Roluos temples to built in the 9th century.  Lolei was once an island temple in the middle of a large body of water.  Prior to constructing the temple, the Khmer’s built dykes to drown the land around the temple, creating an artificial island.  Today, however, no water remains.

A brick sanctuary tower at Lolei

Inscription in Khmer at Lolei

Our next stop was to Preah Ko, a small, but beautiful brick temple.  Preah Ko was the first of the Roluos temples to be built in the 9th century.  The temple consists of six towers built in two rows on a sandstone platform.

Front view of Preah Ko

A stone lion at Preah Ko

Our final stop was to Bakong, constructed in the 9th century. The size Bakong is considerable and the grounds contain two moats and three concentric enclosures. Within the inner enclosure, sits a massive five-tiered pyramid.

Steps leading to the outer moat at Bakong

Steps leading to the top of the five-tiered pyramid at Bakong

Near the top of the pyramid

The remains of a bas-relief at Bakong. Almost all of the reliefs have unfortunately weathered away.

The walk between the inner and outer enclosured was lined by flowers. In the background of the photo is the massive five-tiered pyramid.

Our third day at Angkor was brief compared to the previous two, as we headed back to Siem Reap in the early afternoon.  In reality, we could have spent much longer at Angkor Wat Archeological Park visiting the remaining temples dotted throughout the 400 square kilometer park. From Angkor, we headed to Phnom Penh, Cambodia’s capital and largest city.

Below is a compilation of videos that Dan took from the tuk tuk rides over our three days in and around Angkor Wat Archeological Park and Siem Reap.


Me and Dan with our awesome tuk tuk driver Mr. Samai

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