A dream has become a reality.  After over a year of planning and saving, we leave behind our steady jobs, family, and friends to embark on a journey around the world. Our adventure starts with us leaving our beloved Portland, Oregon in January and driving to Torrington, Wyoming. Here we leave behind our dog, Cooper.  We know that he will be loved and adored by Denise and Michael while we are gone, but we will miss him dearly.

From Wyoming, we drive to Golden, Colorado to visit Dan’s family.  We can’t wait to be back breathing the mountain air and relaxing with family.  Here, we leave our car behind (thanks Coes for storing the car!) and fly to Ohio to visit more of Dan’s family and then on to Pittsburgh, PA (Go Steelers!) to visit friends.

We fly back to Colorado at the end of January to visit Kate’s family in Denver. This will be the time to figure out any last minute details, watch the Superbowl, and enjoy our last bites of Mexican food and sips of hoppy beer before we leave.

This is it. A dream coming to fruition. Ready. Set. Go.

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